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    Convention thoughts from Tom Webb

    Tuesday, August 31, 2004

    Viewer Mail  

    Today's installment of Viewer Mail comes with the reminder that I've set up a special convention e-mail account -- -- so keep those cards and letters coming. Except for the spam.

    One saucy reader wants to know about the "spa" that has been set up here in the media area, and wonders whether I've gone for a visit. The spa is giving free massages, haircuts and facials, I'm told.

    No, I have not (and I consider the spa here an especially dopey idea). But I'm not sure whether or not this suggestion qualifies as some sort of hint that perhaps I ought to. After all, the blog does have my picture. In any case, I'd like to imagine that my journalistic competitors at the Star-Tribune are spending their days getting waxed and peeled, even if they're probably not.

    A generous reader from Boston (who reads the Pioneer Press online to keep up with the Vikings) asks whether I am related to the Pine Island branch of the Webbs, and sends his regards. Alas, no. I hail from the St. Paul branch -- but it's good to know Minnesota Nice has established an East Coast outpost.

    Several readers have Laurie Coleman observations, including one who jokingly wanted photos. Hey pal, you've got the wrong website.

    And one reader asked several cryptic questions about life at Madison Square Garden, including, "Do they sell alcohol there?" I'll have to check on that, but I didn't see any in the media area. But at the convention hospitality suites, the booze was flowing freely -- all of it sponsored by various corporations.

    Tom Webb

    Tom Webb is the Washington correspondent for the St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press. He can be reached at

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