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    Convention thoughts from Tom Webb

    Friday, July 23, 2004

    And we're off 

    Greetings, earthlings. 

    This weekend the political world decamps for Boston and the Democratic National Convention -- and the good folks at the St. Paul Pioneer Press and Knight Ridder have asked me to join the madness, and keep my eyes peeled for All Things Minnesotan.  

    So, we're off. 

    We include 14 Minnesota reporters and photographers, 91 Minnesota DFL delegates and alternates hoping to promote the Democratic message, assorted protesters, a couple of Minnesota Republicans hoping to undermine the Democrats message, corporate sponsors, political donors and various others. 

    Plus, an undetermined number of goofy hats.  

    For all of the above, the biggest change from the 2000 conventions will be the uber-security. Here's my pre-convention checklist. 

    Daylong "hostile environment" training session? Check. 

    Required biochemical escape hood? Check. 

    Mandatory security sessions in Boston? Check. 

    Friends in Boston tell me that they've been chatting with cabbies there, and to a person, the drivers say they're leaving town during convention week -- because most are Middle Eastern and they don't want to be harassed. 

    So, we convention-goers may be doing a lot of walking, too. 

    Tom Webb

    Tom Webb is the Washington correspondent for the St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press. He can be reached at

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